Roosevelt Island Aerial Tram

The Roosevelt Island Aerial Tram was inaugurated in 1976. Its creation arose from a need for the Roosevelt Island residents to travel in a safe and fast way to the mainland. The trip will show you the most incredible vistas of the city in an incomparable 4- minute ride. Each car holds a maximum of 125 persons and it is the only commuter cable car in the US. It travels 3,100 feet at an average speed of 16 mph in 4 minutes.

Over the years, it has served over 20 million passengers. Once you are there, the 147 acres that make up Roosevelt Island located in the East River will delight you with its many landmarks and attractions. We encourage you to take their 17-stop tour. You will start with the Strecker Laboratory which was built in 1892. It is no longer operative. At the end of the tour, you will observe the Lighthouse built in 1872. This is definitely a trip through history you will not want to miss.

Location: 59th St. & Second Ave., at Tram Plaza, New York