Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry, which is free, travels close to the Statue of Liberty on its route. It doesn‘t stop at the island, but offers a great view of the national landmark. The Staten Island Ferry has been a municipal service since 1905, and currently carries over 19 million passengers annually on a 5.2-mile run between the St. George Terminal in Staten Island and the Whitehall Terminal in lower Manhattan.

Service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Staten Island Ferry is the most reliable form of mass transit, with an on-time performance of over 96 percent. A typical weekday schedule involves the use of five boats to transport approximately 65,000 passengers daily (104 daily trips).

A four-boat (15 minute headway) rush hour schedule is maintained. During the day, between rush hours, boats are regularly fueled and maintenance work is performed. Terminals are cleaned around the clock and routine terminal maintenance is performed on the day shift. On weekends, three boats are used (64 trips each weekend day). Over 33,000 trips are made annually. Ferry terminal supervisors, assigned around the clock at both Whitehall and St. George, are responsible for ensuring that the ferry operates according to its published schedule. Route Information Departs the St. George Ferry Terminal at Richmond Terrace, Staten Island. Arrives at the Whitehall Terminal at Whitehall St. and South St., in Lower Manhattan. Because of the disruption of traffic in lower Manhattan, there are no vehicles allowed on the ferry until further notice. The trip time is approximately 25 minutes.