Lincoln Tunnel

The Lincoln Tunnel is the world‘s only three-tube underwater vehicular tunnel facility. It provides a vital link between midtown Manhattan and central New Jersey, and forms part of New JerseyRoute 495. In New Jersey, this highway connects the tunnel with U.S. Routes 1 and 9, 3 and the New Jersey Turnpike.

The Lincoln Tunnel Expressway and Dyer Avenue in Manhattan connect the tunnel and local city streets from West 42nd Street south to West 30th Street. The tunnel‘s three tubes provide important flexibility in traffic handling. With the ability to change the six lanes to four lanes in one direction or three lanes in each direction by converting the center tube to a two way operation.

During the weekday morning peak period (between 6:15 am and 10:00 am) the Port Authority operates a 2.5 mile exclusive bus lane (XBL). Utilizing the XBL, commuter buses get a direct route to the tunnel avoiding regular rush hour traffic and significantly reducing travel time. The XBL is one of the three westbound lanes converted to the eastbound direction when necessary. It runs from the New Jersey Turnpike to the Lincoln Tunnel in one of the normally westbound lanes of New Jersey route 495. This significantly reduces bus commuters‘ travel time. Direct ramps connecting the Lincoln Tunnel with the Port Authority Bus Terminal facilitates the handling of commuter buses and reduces traffic congestion on Manhattan streets around the terminal. The ramps provide direct access for automobiles to the three-level roof parking.