Victorian Gardens Amusement Park

This is a family amusement park featuring rides, games, food, face painting, storytelling, clowns and entertainment. Rides Aeromax: Soar to new heights in a four passenger crop duster plane. Riders are treated to spectacular views of New York City and the entire amusement park.

  • Kite Flyer: Placed in a lay-down position, guests experience the sensation of free flight. After lifting off the ground, the ride begins an exciting double oscillating wave-like motion.
  • Convoy: Take the whole family for a Sunday Drive any day of the week! These classic roadsters put all ages in the drivers seat for fun!
  • Mini Tea Cups: Riders of all ages can spin themselves silly in one of six beautifully detailed tea cups.
  • Crazy Bus: This old fashioned trolley rotates up to 24 guests forwards and backwards, offering great views of the entire park.
  • Mini Mouse: The perfect beginner roller coaster! The festively themed train takes riders of all ages through a series of winding turns- an ideal ride for everyone in the family!
  • Rio Grande Train: All aboard! Everyone will love a ride on this whimsically themed train. Samba Balloon: Guests can experience flying in a hot air balloon on this exciting ride. Once airborne, riders can spin their basket, or just sit back and enjoy their relaxing flight.
  • Red Baron: Kids are the pilots of their own Red Baron plane on this classic ride! The interactive nature of this attractions means every ride will be different!
  • Family Swinger: The centerpiece of Victorian Gardens is this classic swing ride. The Family Swinger features sixteen full-sized adult swings, and sixteen smaller child-sized swings. The hand painted scenery panels are truly a sight to behold.