Coney Island Beach

One of the most famous beach towns in the world, Coney Island is mostly famous for the amusement park and the many rides it offers. It is also home to the famous Mermaid Parade (every June) this beach is a must-see. The Original Nathan's hotdog stand is located just off the boardwalk. Coney Island’s 3-mile boardwalk brings out swells of joggers, bikers, leisurely strolling couples and mothers pushing strollers. Heading east, the boardwalk runs into Brighton Beach, nicknamed Little Odessa for the thousands of Russian immigrants who settled here in the 1980s. For a truly ethnic experience, enjoy a bite at one of the outdoor Russian cafes lining the boardwalk in Brighton. The beach itself is facing the Atlantic Ocean. The spacious beach has an old parachute drop no longer used. You can walk on the long pier that goes out over the water and enjoy the salty breeze running down your face.