Dahesh Museum of Art

Location: 580 Madison Ave., New York Dahesh Museum of Art, the only institution in the United States devoted to collecting, exhibiting, and interpreting works by Europe‘s academically trained artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Highlights from the Museum‘s collection are rotated throughout the year and complemented by major exhibitions organized by our own curators or borrowed from the world‘s finest museums. The academic tradition, which dates from the Renaissance, centered on the idealized human figure and on historical, mythological, and religious subjects. Young artists undertook years of training to master a rigorous curriculum and understand the arts and cultures of the past. Teachers demanded that creative talent be balanced with technical skill. Outstanding pupils became professional artists, as famous then as pop stars are today, and sought after as teachers by the next generation. The Dahesh Museum of Art serves its growing audience by examining these academic artists in the broader context of 19th-century visual culture and by offering a fresh appraisal of the role academies played in reinvigorating the classical ideals of beauty, humanism, and skill. Through its innovative exhibitions and acquisitions of important artworks, the Dahesh is reclaiming academic art for the enjoyment and edification of the public. Partnerships with colleagues worldwide are generating new discoveries and broadening the canon of 19th-century art history.