Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

Location: 4881 Broadway at 204th St., New York Housed in a Dutch Colonial farmhouse built in the early 1780s, this museum is located on the northern tip of Manhattan. The Dyckman family was part of the Huguenot migration from the Netherlands in the 1600s and they lived in the house until the 1850s. They survived Indian attacks, but were forced out during the American Revolution when the British occupied the area. Today the rebuilt house is preserved in the Colonial fashion. Several rooms in the house contain actual furniture that was owned by the family. One room has Revolutionary War relics including cannonballs, a tattered flag, uniforms and weapons. The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum has been open to the public since 1916. It was designated a New York City Landmark on July 12, 1967. The museum is presently operated by the City of New York/Parks & Recreation and the Historic House Trust.