Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

Location: 594 Broadway, Suite 401, Manhattan The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts education organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, study and presentation of one of the world‘s most popular art forms. MoCCA’s mission is to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the artistic, cultural and historical significance of comic and cartoon art. To that end, the museum hosts exhibits and events, conducts ducational programs, and serves as a resource for those conducting scholarly or professional research on comic and cartoon art. Each June for the last two years, the museum has held its Annual MoCCA Art Festival at SoHo’s historic Puck Building (located at 295 Lafayette Street – only two short blocks east of the museum’s new home), drawing thousands of comic and cartoon artists, art collectors, publishers, and fans to Lower Manhattan for a one-day exhibition of new works and the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of comics directly from the creators or their publishers.