Snag Harbor Cultural Center

Location: 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island One of New York City‘s most unexpected and extraordinary destinations is located on the north shore of Staten Island, just minutes from the Staten Island Ferry. Snug Harbor is a cultural center set within an 83-acre National Historic Landmark district containing the finest collection of Greek Revival buildings in the United States, plus Beaux Arts, Italianate and Victorian style architecture. Each building has individual merit, but the harmonious effect of twenty-six historic buildings set in acres of parkland is wholly remarkable. Snug Harbor exists today because of the tireless efforts of citizens to save it from destruction a generation ago, and then to transform the deteriorated buildings of a seamen‘s retirement home into a center for the arts. Surrounded by a tall iron fence, shaded by century-old Norwegian maples and Austrian pines, Snug Harbor Cultural Center is not only one of the most architecturally and historically significant sites in the country, it is a place where history, architecture, the visual and performing arts, environmental science included in performing arts all come together to provide a rich and powerful learning experience for audiences young and old. Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art Founded in 1977, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art is the premier space for modern and contemporary art in Staten Island. Each year, the Newhouse Center presents two or three major exhibitions, five Access Gallery, and three Artist-in-Residence exhibitions. The Newhouse Center creates programs for the growth and development of artists and the public while serving both local, regional and international constituencies in 15,000 square feet of gallery space, outdoor and off-site projects, educational programs, 30 artist studios, and an international residency program.