Central Park Sports

Location: Various inside the Park Central Park is a sports enthusiast‘s paradise. Offering everything from baseball to croquet, row boating to yoga, this is the place to enjoy the great outdoors, get fit, and just relax. Following is a comprehensive list of sports available to Park users. Running/Jogging Offering both hilly and flat terrain, and a combination of surfaces, Central Park is a runner‘s paradise. The site of the New York Marathon‘s final 3.2 miles, Central Park offers many scenic views while providing a challenge to all levels of runners. Walking/Speed Walking Central Park‘s 250 acres of lawns and 136 acres of woodland offer a multitude of landscapes, trails, and pathways for everyone from the serious hiker to the recreational stroller. Central Park provides an unparalleled variety of picturesque landscapes for walkers of all levels. In-Line and Roller Skating Central Park‘s hilly and flat terrains are a challenge to all in-line and roller skaters and dancers. Bicycle Riding Central Park offers cyclists of all ages a challenge as they navigate its 6.1 miles of drives. Horseback Riding Whether one canters or trots along Central Park‘s bridle paths, horseback riding provides a unique view of the Park‘s horticulture, wildlife, and recreation enthusiasts. Tennis Central Park‘s Tennis Center offers 26 clay and 4 asphalt courts. Basketball In the mood for a game of hoops? A little one-on-one? Basketball is available free of charge at two sites in Central Park. Basketballs are available with a photo I.D. at North Meadow Recreation Center only. Basketball nets are supplied at both sites. They are the North Meadow Recreation Center, mid-Park at 97th Street and the Great Lawn, mid-Park at 84th Street. Baseball/Softball Come to Central Park and play that most American of games - baseball and softball. There are three areas in Central Park offering softball and baseball fields. They are: Great Lawn, North Meadow: seven baseball and five softball fields, and Heckscher Ballfields, located at 63rd Street between the west and center drives with six ballfields. Soccer Participate in a game of soccer on the newly renovated North Meadow‘s 16 acres of lush green lawn. Fields # 7 and 8 at the Great Lawn are reserved for youth soccer games. Football The North Meadow‘s wide open plush fields are in peak condition after a $4.3 million restoration, and are the perfect setting for a game of football. Fishing Catch and release fishing is allowed in several of Central Park‘s water bodies. Birding Listen carefully and try to find the birds making music in Central Park. Not only is birding fun, educational, and relaxing, but you get to discover parts of Central Park you never knew were there. Wall Climbing Learn how to scale Central Park‘s state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor climbing walls, and its boulders. Swimming This summer, go swimming and cool off at one of New York‘s and Central Park‘s best kept secrets - Lasker Pool. Lawn Sports Central Park has two beautifully kept fields for lawn bowling and croquet. Handball Click on handball for information on Central Park‘s 12 handball courts. Tai Chi Reduce your stress and develop inner awareness by taking the Central Park Conservancy‘s Tai Chi classes in the serenity of Central Park. Yoga Central Park is the soothing setting for the Conservancy‘s yoga classes. Row Boating Row your boat across Central Park‘s Lake, or hire a Venetian gondolier to row you about. Chess and Checkers Exercise your mind with a challenging game of chess or checkers. Ice Skating Feel the nip of New York‘s crisp winter air, enjoy the music, and take in the incomparable surroundings as you ice skate at either of Central Park‘s ice rinks. Paddleball You can paddleball at the North Meadows Recreational Center, mid-park at 97th St., daily from 10am to 8pm. Volleyball Looking for a game of beach or lawn volleyball? There are two locations to play volleyball. There is one sand court east of Sheep Meadow, mid-Park at 66th Street, and three courts near the Great Lawn, mid-Park at 86th Street, behind the Central Park precinct. Model Boat Sailing Adults and children alike rejoice at successfully navigating model sail boats across Conservatory Water, so why not try your hand at model boat sailing. Cross-Country Skiing Feel the swoosh and glide of the snow as you cross-country ski in Central Park, and forget you are in the middle of Manhattan.