Mars 2112

Location: 1633 Broadway, New York Mars 2112 Restaurant and Bar, described as a spectacular mingling of reality and fantasy, is unlike any other eatery in New York City. With a spaceship perched over its main entrance, this unique 35,000 square foot, 2-story restaurant offers both food and entertainment to families who enter The Red Planet. No doubt, the kids will hurry to get through dinner so they can indulge in the enormous room full of the latest arcade and video games like Hydro Thunder, Kick it Pro Soccer, Sega Rally 250, and Downhill Biker, just to name a few. Mysterious Martian landscapes surround diners, all eager to take in the atmosphere of the restaurant and interact with native Martians, who just happen to appear from time to time and mingle with the excited young guests. Hungry kids and their parents can choose from flying saucers (pizza), a variety of additional galactic entrees, and delicious cosmic chaos desserts. Don‘t forget to grab a refreshing drink at the Starbar. In case you thought that there were no shops on Mars, don‘t despair! There‘s more than enough Mars paraphernalia for you and your family to take home with you when you leave this unique dining establishment.