Roxy Deli

Location: 1565 Broadway, New York The larger-than-life neon sign and flashy entrance to the Roxy Deli are indicative of the size of the sandwiches and other delights that this New York landmark serves everyday. Much like its more famous counterpart, Carnegie Deli, Roxy‘s specialty is their gigantic cold cut sandwiches. It‘s hard to eat one on your own and nearly impossible for kids to consume much more than half the sandwich, so consider splitting one among your kids. Roxy‘s desserts are to-die-for. From the moment kids enter the skinny passageway that is the restaurant‘s main entrance, their mouths will water at the selection of cakes, pies, humungous cookies, brownies, and more. The varieties of cheesecake are phenomenal and vary greatly from the usual cherry or strawberry-topped varieties. Many people stop in post-theater just for the goodies. Seating is a bit cramped, prices are high, and many guests will need to climb a steep set of steps to get to their table, but once you take that first bite, you‘ll realize that the food is well worth the effort.