Coney Island Batting Range

Location: 3049 Stillwell Avenue, Brooklyn The Batting Range is the largest one in New York City with 9 cages. The compound also has a Miniature Golf Course. The course design is very creative - with lots of mounding and varying elevations accented by rippling streams, waterfalls and colorful landscaping. Sand traps and water hazards come into play on many of the holes to add a whole new element of excitement. Go Kart City has the largest tract in the city. They do have an age restriction. Only 12 year olds and older may participate. Rock Climbing. Test your skills as you challenge yourself to a feat of strength and endurance against our mountainous wall of rocks. = Wollman Skating Rink Location: Central Park at 59th St. and Sixth Ave., New York Wollman Skating Rink is one of New York City’s most popular recreation facilities. During the winter holiday season, tourists flock to skate on the famous ice rink. Equally popular in the summer, Wollman Skating Rink has been featured in countless movies and hosted national athletic competitions in a variety of warm-weather sports. Operated by the Trump Organization, Wollman Skating Rink was built in Central Park in 1943, following designs developed by famed planners Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvin Vaux. Hailed as an “urban landscaping masterpiece,” Wollman Skating Rink has inspired other urban parks including Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and Mount Royal Park in Montreal Funds for the park’s development were donated by New York philanthropist Kate Wollman, in memory of her daughter. Lasker Skating Rink For a more intimate New York City ice skating experience, visit Lasker Skating Rink. Located at the north end of Central Park, near 110th Street and Lenox Avenue, the Lasker Skating Rink can be viewed as Wollman’s elegant younger sibling. Lasker’s comfortable setting appeals to inexperienced skaters eager to learn as well as recreational skaters practicing before a pick-up game of hockey. Lasker Skating Rink offers a full complement of lessons and activities with certified instructors.