Avenue Q

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 16. Avenue Q, at first glance, might seem to be a children’s show, complete with enticing puppets that would surely entertain the young ones. In reality, however, this show is meant for adults and older youth, who seem to enjoy the puppets as much as any little children might. Avenue Q, which won the Best Musical Tony Award for 2003, tells the story of an ambitious young college grad who moves to New York City to realize his dreams. He finds an affordable apartment in a quirky neighborhood, and soon becomes part of the cast of unusual characters that inhabit this unique area of the city. You’ll meet people like Trekkie Monster – the internet addict, Christmas Eve – the therapist, Kate – the kindergarten teacher, and Rod – the Republican investment banker. You’ll watch the little group of friends struggle through their young lives, searching for its true purpose. The score is excellent, with plenty of sing-able tunes, and the Muppet-looking puppets provide some extra comedy to the already funny show.