Awake and Sing!

Awake and Sing! is another masterpiece that makes its way back to Broadway. This time is the Clifford Odet’s classic story about a Depression-era Jewish family in the Bronx that has fallen on bad times. Premiering in 1935, the play is considered Odet’s best and director Bartlett Sher’s artistic touches assure that this latest revival will be an unforgettable experience for Broadway audiences. Starring Ben Gazarra, Lauren Ambrose (from HBO’s “6 Feet Under”), Zoe Wanamaker, Mark Ruffalo and Ned Eisenberg, the story depicts the Berger family, struggling with their finances to the point they must take in a border. That border – Moe Axelrod – has lost a led in the war and is cynical and outspoken…something totally different for the accepting spirit of the Bergers. What is it they say about, “The more things change, the more they remain the same,” and “Awake and Sing!” is not only proof that today’s society can take some lessons from past generations, but also it highlights the strength of the human spirit, whatever the adversity may be and whatever is needed for survival.