Barefoot in the Park

Barefoot in the park is a revised version of Neil Simon‘s second play – a romantic comedy about a newly married couple and the crazy reality of blissful, married life. The first Broadway version of Simon’s comedy appeared in 1963, and while the prices of Manhattan apartments have definitely increased, Simon’s characters – Corie and Paul Bratter, played masterfully by the beautiful Amanda Peet and the equally attractive Patrick Wilson, the story of the slightly off-center Corie and the more traditional Paul continues to resonate with audiences of all ages. So, what’s so difficult about being newlyweds? Just think back to your own coupling experiences, and you’ll probably come up with your list of the top 10 problems that come with adjusting when two lives join under one roof. But, what’s really fun about Simon’s work is that it rings true, every step of the way. The sometimes outlandish situations that exact laughs from every audience are as true-to- life as ever, and only the direction and, in this production the costumes – by Isaac Mizrahi – changes to continue the rich entertainment experience as only Neill Simon can deliver.