Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is the tender, typically-Disney story of an intelligent and lovely young lady (Belle) who unwillingly winds up in the fortress of the Beast, who, in reality, is a selfish prince who’s less-than-humble ways have caused him to be in this state. If you saw the animated Disney hit of the same name, you know the story. But the musical brings it to life, with an excellent cast and beautiful songs, most taken from the movie, with a few new ones added especially for the Broadway show. The sets are breathtaking and the costumes lovely. The actors are top-notch, with many famous female singers/actresses having assumed the role of Belle during the show’s run on Broadway, which commenced more than a dozen yeas ago. Since Disney has come to Broadway, family theater is a reality. Parents with young children can bring their kids to New York to enjoy musicals like Beauty and the Beast without any concern about content or language. This show is truly an exceptional theatrical adventure for the whole family.