Erik the Amazing

Erik the Amazing is a tale of adventure designed especially for kids. As the story begins, Erik is afraid. He‘s afraid of the dark, spiders, dogs, anything outside, just name it. Erik is afraid of everything! Nothing helps him overcome his fears- not his loving father, the lure of a new Superman at the comic book store, or even his favorite gummy worms at the candy store- nothing. Sick of being stuck inside and feeling sad that he is not brave, Erik decides he must put a stop to what‘s going on. He must conquer his fears! So to help him to be more bold and less afraid, he makes himself a superhero outfit in his father‘s tailor shop. And it works! But when he puts it on, something else strange happens. Not only does he forget his fears, but Erik becomes Erik The Amazing, an actual superhero with incredible powers! Erik can fly! He can breathe underwater! He can do AMAZING things! An incredible journey filled with new friends and exciting places begins, and before Erik knows it, he stumbles upon the despairing Turkey King, whose entire kingdom is being eaten alive by the dark and sinister Shallaballah. With the fate of all the animals of Turkeydom Forest resting on Erik, he knows he must save them- all he has left to figure out is how. Slowly his tasks reveal themselves, and his true bravery shines through as he travels to new lands, must solve the Riddle of the Rat on the Golden Pillow, escape from the Shallaballah‘s evil spider, and finally must accept the task no one else is brave enough to face: confronting and conquering the fearsome, sinister... SHALLABALLAH! Laughter, music and comedy fill this magical tale of adventure that will be sure to keep both children and adults smiling from beginning to end!