Festen, a new play that’s arrived on Broadway from London, has been described by critics as “riveting, chilling, and horribly funny.” The stage version of a 1998 Danish movie, this dark company played to sold-out crowds in the UK and producers hope the same will happen on The Great White Way. Festen tells the story of a rather wealthy man about to celebrate his 60th birthday at his country estate, surrounded by his loving family, including his wife, sons, and lots of assorted friends and relatives. Things take an unusual turn when, during the celebration, the eldest son decides to let others in on a big family secret. The games begin when the son offers his father a simple but amusing choice. A few well-known names head the cast of this play, which will be enjoyed by teens and adults. Julianna Margulies, of ER fame, plays Helene; actress Ali McGraw, who became famous for her classic role in the movie Love Story, plays Elise; and HBO’s Six Feet Under star, Jeremy Sisto, rounds out the talented cast.