Lion King

The Lion King is truly a Broadway extravaganza that the whole family will simply love! The excitement in this musical never stops…from the first exciting beats of the African drum until Simba stand proudly on top of Pride Rock, restored to his kingly glory. The Lion King has been a runaway hit since it opened in 1997 and was the recipient of six 1998 Tony Awards. The second of the Disney musicals to be based on one of their movies (Beauty and the Beast was first), for years, it was nearly impossible to garner tickets to the show, especially on the weekends. The most fascinating thing about this show is the puppet-like costumes of many of the animal characters, like the lumbering giraffes and the graceful gazelles. Add to that the amazing make-up, the African- inspired costumes, and the mesmerizing rhythms of the Elton John/Tim Rice songs, like “Hakuna Matata”, and you have a family musical that can’t be beat.