The Adventures of Maya the Bee

The Adventures of Maya the Bee is a sort of cross between the Wizard of Oz and Bug’s Life, but with a few new twists that make this show entertaining. First of all, the characters are cleverly-designed puppets that are sure to be attractive to children. Secondly, the script has been interspersed with an original jazz score that keeps you tapping your feet and swinging to the rhythm of the tunes. This innovative musical tells the story of little Maya the Bee who refuses to be the subservient little insect she’s expected to be. She ventures out on her own to try to find “the true meaning of life.” Along the way she meets a host of new friends (does this sound familiar?) who each have their own challenges, which they reveal in song. Soon, the friends find out the world’s not honey-coated and narrowly escape with their lives, just in time to save the hive! Children and adults both seem to enjoy The Adventures of Maya the Bee, though critics note the musical is a little awkward, with actors and singers performing from behind the audience while the puppets are in the front of the theater. Overall, however, the show has been a hit with New York City visitors searching for entertainment containing suitable subject matter for their little ones.