Moscow Cats Theatre

Moscow Cats Theatre is family fun at its best, smack in the heart of the Big Apple! Billed as “the only entertainment of its kind in the world,” the show – perennially popular in its native Russia – is making its debut on U.S. shores and boasts nonstop entertainment by a troupe of animals that perform stunning acrobatic feats. And what a cast: 20 big cats and two dogs, abetted by clowns including Yelena Kuklacheva, Inga Gerasimova, Lioudmila Smirnova, Alexander Gerasimov and Eugeny Lazarev. The production was created nearly 30 years ago by circus performer Yuri Kuklachev, who gets help from son Dmitri. The 75-minute show basically hinges on eerie dreams about the big cats, and audiences will be amazed as the beasts walk tightropes, balance balls on their noses, jump from great heights and navigate mazes. And the production itself is anything but ordinary. It’s performed without words and utilizes just a few quaint props and set pieces, providing a dose of the style of entertainment in old Russia.