Phantom of the Opera

Since “The Phantom of the Opera” first opened in 1988, much of the music in this beautifully staged Broadway show has become legendary in its own time, with couples now walking down the aisle to “The Music of the Night.” But, with the current staging, the story is even more beautifully told, thanks to glistening sets, its glittering costumes and the technology that allows the music and the story to engulf the entire audience from the moment the curtain rises. The Phantom’s tragic love story revolves around a lonely chorus girl, Christine Daae, who steps into the spotlight when Carlotta, the temperamental diva, walks out in the middle of a rehearsal. For years, Christine has been tutored by a powerful, unseen mentor, a charismatic musical genius known only as the Phantom, but now that she is a star, she‘s being courted by the theater‘s wealthy patron, the Vicompte Raoul de Chagny, whom she knew as a child. The Phantom‘s obsessive jealousy erupts and a deadly rivalry develops between Christine‘s two ardent suitors. While we don’t recommend the show for very young children, older school agers will find this theatre experience a rewarding one and will leave the Majestic humming some of the tunes along with their parents.