The Shadow Box Theatre

The Shadow Box Theatre (SBT) – New York’s award-winning musical puppet theatre for children – is one of the city’s premiere arts resources. Founded in 1967, SBT operates with the mission to encourage creativity, multicultural sharing and the joy of theatre in the lives of children. Over 41 years, its programs have served more than 2,000,000 children with an integrated, three-fold program of puppet performances, arts-in-education, and storybooks with companion audio. The Shadow Box Theatre’s productions are a unique blend of puppet and live multi-media theatre. Original scripts unfold, combining the energy of the talented performers with joyous singing, spirited dancing, extensive audience participation, and the special magic of puppetry. The puppets take on a life of their own: hand puppets, rod puppets, body puppets and – especially – Shadow Box’s own re-creation of the ancient Asian art of shadow puppetry. For more information about The Shadow Box Theatre’s performances, workshops, publications or in-school storybook theatre programs, please call (212) 724-0677 or e-mail SBT’s resident theatre is The Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street in Manhattan. A complete listing of schedule, programs and history can be found at Current Production How the Turtle Got Its Shell A wise and witty African folk tale.Come see this interactive musical with storyteller, musician, and puppets – and see how the little turtle outwits the fierce leopard and is rewarded with his shell. Recommended for Pre-K – 2nd grade. Runs weekday mornings Apr. 29 - May 5. Tickets $10 (Group Rate $6.50) Play It Safe Chicken Little has just moved to the Big City and thinks the sky is falling! But her wise new friends, Goosey Lucy, Ducky Lucky, and the grown-up puppeteers, help her learn that safety and common sense will get her through almost all new situations. Children will sing and move along with the performers as they learn to travel “With a Buddy” and always “Know the Rules.” Recommended for Pre-K – 1st grade. Runs weekday mornings May 8 - 29. Tickets $10 (Group Rate $7)