Bite of the Apple Tours

Location: 2 Columbus Circle New York Since it‘s humble beginnings operating out of a storage room in a midtown apartment, Bite of the Apple Tours has grown to the level it is today. They offer a number of leisurely bike tours wherein they showcase their beloved city‘s attractions. The tours are: Central Park - The Central Park Bike Tour, by far the best way to explore Central Park, is a great combination of exercise and sightseeing. These thrice daily bicycle tours of Central Park escorted by Bite of the Apple‘s very energetic and informed multilingual tour guides, afford participants the opportunity to view Central Park as an oasis full of hidden treasures. For the Movie Buffs Over the years, Central Park has served as the location of choice for hundreds of movies. Whether it‘s When Harry Met Sally, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, or Autumn in New York, our seasoned tour escorts, all actors and actresses here in New York, will be full of interesting moviemaking trivia to share with you. Remember the movie Rosemary‘s Baby? Your tour guide will take you to the Dakota building where it was filmed. If your film tastes run more toward Wall Street, you‘ll be stopping at the Sheep‘s Meadow where the famous Douglas/Sheen fight scene took place. This entertaining two hour bike tour of Central Park‘s famous movie scenes and celebrity trivia consists of several mini-stops and one midway point stop. Central Park Picnic Tour Imagine if your group was able to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City for an afternoon, and instead decided to enjoy a picnic lunch set on a gentle rolling hill , overlooking a scenic lake surrounded by a lovely landscape. The Central Park Bike Tour plus picnic lunch combines recreation and serenity. Whether it‘s before, after, or midway through your bike tour, the Central Park Picnic Tour is an excellent way for your group to unwind, socialize, and enjoy New York City‘s favorite backyard--- CENTRAL PARK! From Strawberry Fields to the Shakespeare Garden , Central Park is full of sights and secrets you never knew were there! Your tour guides will guide you past the main attractions at a leisurely pace . Your Central Park Bike Tour package includes bicycle rental and all needed equipment. Manhattan Island Bike Tour Join this tour for an invigorating 3½-hour bike tour of Manhattan. Pedal past the city‘s landmarks while you enjoy a vacation workout. Whether it is Battery Park City or Broadway, Buildings or Bridges, the seasoned tour escorts will share the city‘s history and make you see, hear, and feel the intensity and diversity that the city has to offer from a bicyclist‘s perspective. The route has been planned with your safety in mind to avoid traffic and take advantage of the city‘s new riverfront bike paths. The tour consists of several mini-stops and one midway point stop where a complimentary beverage and snack will be served.