Hip Hop Look at New York

Location: Hush Tours, 292 5th Ave, New York Explore three decades of music history on this interactive tour. Hush Tours has put together a tour allowing locals and international guests (young and old) to participate on a journey of what the true vibe and history of hip-hop both past and present….the real story, the real deal . The tour is designed to showcase the facts including the locations in the FABULOUS BRONX AND HARLEM that housed the original inspirations AND ASPIRATIONS. It gives hip hop fans and scholars a chance to reminisce and share truest secrets of the days with a captivated audience – to let the kids and adults know how it all got started. The drive to Salute the Pioneers is our focus and the desire to raise the volume on the positive contributions of hip hop. After the tour, clients see Hip Hop in a totally different and positive light. The length of the tours also allows it to appeal to all ages and the unique ‘Live-Audio’ system really helps maximize their enjoyment.