NBC Studios Tour

Location: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York Since 1933, NBC has offered this historic tour that takes you through the halls and into the studios of NBC‘s New York operations. An NBC Page will be your guide to the world of the Peacock Network. Some NBC Pages have gone on to become famous entertainment personalities, including Willard Scott, Ted Koppel, Regis Philbin, Steve Allen, Marcy Carsey, Kate Jackson, Michael Eisner, and Dave Garroway. The first stop on the tour is the NBC History Theatre, where you will learn about NBC‘s early days in radio. Your NBC Page will tell you about some of the network‘s early sound effect techniques and NBC‘s transition into television. Then Katie Couric and Matt Lauer (on video) take you down memory lane to show you where NBC has been and where we are today. The tour gives you the opportunity to enter and visit some of our most famous studios, including: Studio 3A - Home of The John Walsh Show Studio 3C - Home of NBC Nightly News Studio 3B - Home of Dateline Studio 3K - Home of NBC Sports Studio 6A - Home of Late Night with Conan O‘Brien Studio 8H - Home of Saturday Night Live Note: Studio availability is limited to those studios that are not being used at the time of the tour. Typically, 2-3 studios are available for viewing; however, that is not guaranteed. Further, spotting NBC talent is also very rare but not impossible.